Pieces of Saint John display.

Print of General Hospital compared to the original.

Pieces of Saint John (PSJ) celebrates the unique and storied architecture of one of Canada’s most beautiful cities. It’s an ongoing project started by my wife and I. With PSJ we want to bring awareness to Saint John’s rich architectural heritage to visitors and residents alike. Since our start in December 2017 we’ve designed, 3D printed, hand painted and sold over 500 figurines. Locals have been very enthusiastic about what we’re doing which has resulted in a generous amount of mentions in the media and invitations to give talks about our newfound passion. PSJ Facebook page.

Modelling steeple in Blender3D.

Row house design inspected in Cura, printed and tweaked.

Each piece begins with a photo, drawing or idea. Basic shapes are added and manipulated in a 3D modelling program to match the details and proportions of the original object. We will soon use 3D scanning and photogrammetry to capture sculptural and organic architectural details.

After the first draft is finished the model is divided up and/or reoriented so that the print will be successful. Multiple changes are needed to create the cleanest, fail-proof and paintable objects. The prints each have different amounts of cleanup and gluing required before painting begins.

Once ready, the prints are given base coats. Once dry, washes are applied to bring depth to recessed areas as well as a wider range of colour. Drybrushing highlights textures. After many hours and passes of adding ornamentation and detail the pieces are complete.

Steeples at various stages of painting.

Finished pieces are photographed for social media.


First ever test print.

St. Andrew & David steeple.

 Us at local farmers’ market.

Immaculate Conception steeple.

Three Sisters Lamp.

Sponsoring Pride Week.

Trinity Anglican steeple

Sponsoring Community Build.