Mascot and 404 page animation for a software consultancy. No Pilots, No Demos delivers advanced solutions for the web, mobile and the internet of things. They also offer education and mentoring.

The contract called for a reflection of the firm’s high aptitude within the realm of information technology to be wrapped in a personable, cute, adaptable and savvy character. The concept began as the opposite of plane gremlins, troublemakers or ghosts in the machine. A small creature with an encyclopedic knowledge, quick wit and otherworldly drive aimed at solving the toughest problems. Concepts mimicked the logo’s colors and simplistic shape. A modified version of the logo was made into an all-in-one troubleshooting tool relied upon by the mascot.

Client – “Cameron was an absolute pleasure to work with. We worked on a 404 page together and he was an integral part of both the implementation and conception of the ideas. It was a truly collaborative processs and I would gladly work with him again.”