Poster I created to promote the I Am Unbeatable Quanada women’s shelter fundraising campaign. I wanted to celebrate Quanada as the essential public service that it is and exhibit it proudly on the same level as libraries, post offices, emergency response, infrastructure and parks.

The two types of flowers at the base of the building are king proteas (often considered symbols of transformation and courage) and violets (the Illinois state flower). The rest are combinations of bouquets to help create a warm and whimsical atmosphere. The flourish in the sky and the border of the poster are details from the building itself.

Cover for Issue #1 of Maine Street Magazine. Downtown Quincy, Illinois.

For the inaugural issue of Maine Street Magazine I wanted to create a sort of tribute to some of the most unique architecture in the district. On long walks downtown, I’d often imagine what different street corners would have looked like at their various high points. Occupied apartments, neon lights, street cars, bustling sidewalks, goods and services from the essential to the extravagant

Valentine Denied! Punk Gig Poster for The Raygun venue. There was a great back and forth between myself and the event coordinator and venue owner. I wanted to imitate the appearance of silkscreen posters using a limited colour palette. The client as well as the bands were enthusiastic about the end result.